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The ALAM Be-Leaf Programme

The ALAM Be-Leaf Programme

The ALAM Be-Leaf Programme led by Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad’s social unit Amanah Lestari Alam recently brought together stakeholders from the federal and state governments, public and private sectors, and academia to plant mangroves at Mangrove Point in Klang.

We’re excited to see initiatives aimed at increasing forested areas in our nation and encouraging youth volunteerism in environmental protection. This is a fantastic step towards a greener future and engaging the next generation in preserving our planet. In addition to helping with temperature regulation, biodiversity support and soil protection, planting more trees enhances water regulation by lowering runoff and raising groundwater recharge.

Together, let’s plant and nurture more trees to enable the environment, society and economy to benefit from a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable world.

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