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Pangkalan Batu Urban Park is a park located in the center of Klang and the border between North Klang and South Klang. This local riverfront recreational area is overlooking the Masjid Bandar Di Raja Klang on the opposite side of the river.

With the land area of 16 acres, the new Pangkalan Batu Urban Park is divided into 5 different zones which foster visitor’s convenient needs and requirements.

Starting with Zone 2 as our first phase from the overall upgrading works, the new Pangkalan Batu Urban Park will feature a spacious Main Plaza with a width of 2500m2 orientated toward Masjid Bandar Di Raja Klang. On top of that, this urban park will also locate a 0.33 acres educational Wetland.

Action Plan

Construction has been commenced on 8th July 2019 and expected to complete by end of December 2020 proposing a starting point of river taxi which connects Pangkalan Batu Urban Park and Mangrove Point. Start with the second phase of upgrading works once LRT3 line completed. Incorporating the landscape upgrading works with new AEON Mall Development on the riverside (Zone 3-5)

Current Progress

Construction has commenced on 8th July 2019 and expected to complete end of December 2020.


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