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Increase awareness of the
natural mangrove swamps

Preserve the existing
mangrove environment

Gain better business
towards tourism attractions

Strengthen community


Mangrove Point is a social project initiative under the Selangor Maritime Gateway located at Kawasan 14 near Klang River mouth with a coverage of approximately 70 acres on Selangor state land and Hutan Simpan Kekal. This project is a collaboration with Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Selangor and is expected to be a new destination for eco-tourism and a public recreational area for the locals as well as the international. Mangrove Point possesses a unique mangrove ecosystem with surrounding nature that stimulates the element of meditation, health, and well-being through a biophilic environment.

The visitors may begin their exploration from the designated Information Centre and continue their journey as they stroll along approximately 1 km of the boardwalk to observe the beauty of the mangrove environment and the diversity of flora and fauna. Visitors may also enjoy other activities such as picnicking, bird watching and fishing at Klang River.

Mangrove Point has earned an award from Institute Landscape Architect Malaysia (ILAM) via Malaysia Landscape Architecture Award 11 (MLAA 11) under the category of Landscape Analysis and Study Award on 20th April 2019.

Action Plan

Construction has been commenced on 15th August 2019 and expected to be completed by Q2 2021. Besides being a new recreational park, it will be a new river taxi stop for public to enjoy river cruise along Klang River.

Current Progress

Construction is completed in March and is open to public in April 2023

Drone view on Mangrove Point site


Selangor Maritime Gateway- Mangrove Point

Boardwalk in Mangrove Point

Picnic Deck

Mangrove Point Information Centre

Selangor Maritine Gateway - Anglers' Deck

Anglers' Deck

Selangor Maritine Gateway - Bird Watching Deck

Bird Watching Deck

Selangor Maritime Gateway - Earthwork In Progress

Site Photo - Earthwork in Progress

Site photo - plastic bottles trapped in mangrove trees

Selangor Maritine Gateway - Mangrove Trees

Mangrove Trees

Selangor Maritime Gateway - Mangrove Trees

Mangrove Trees

Mangrove Trees Inventory Works By Arborist

Mangrove trees inventory works by arborist

Pokok Nipah In Mangrove Forest

Pokok nipah in mangrove forest

Mangrove Trees Trunk

Mangrove trees trunk

Inventory works

Selangor Maritine Gateway - Mangrove Trees

Plastic bottle drifted into mangrove forest and trapped among the mangrove trees root.

Mangrove Point At River Side During Low Tide

Mangrove Point at river side during low tide

Mangrove Point Construction Works In Progress.

Mangrove Point construction works in progress.

Inventory Works With Renjer Jabatan Hutan Daerah Pantai Klang

Inventory works with Renjer Jabatan Hutan Daerah Pantai Klang

Selangor Maritime Gateway- Mangrove PointSelangor Maritine Gateway - Anglers' DeckSelangor Maritine Gateway - Bird Watching DeckSelangor Maritime Gateway - Earthwork In ProgressSelangor Maritine Gateway - Mangrove TreesSelangor Maritime Gateway - Mangrove TreesMangrove Trees Inventory Works By ArboristPokok Nipah In Mangrove ForestMangrove Trees TrunkSelangor Maritine Gateway - Mangrove TreesMangrove Point At River Side During Low TideMangrove Point Construction Works In Progress.Inventory Works With Renjer Jabatan Hutan Daerah Pantai Klang

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