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Securing Selangor’s Water Quality

Securing Selangor’s Water Quality

An estimated 30% of river volume comes from effluent discharge from industrial, commercial and daily human activities.

A growing population, rapid economic development, threat of climate change and illegal dumping of waste into rivers by irresponsible parties have increased the urgency to ensure clean water supply for the current and future generations.

Director of Luas, Hasrolnizam Shaari says, “The best way for LUAS to cut down on the cost, time and effort to treat discharged water is to reduce effluent discharge or eliminate water discharge altogether. This is why the Zero-Discharge-Policy (ZDP) is implemented to get small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to reduce the amount of water and effluents discharged into rivers.”

With the ZDP, water sabotage incidents and the subsequent water cuts in Selangor will be reduced in the long run.

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