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Unlock potential tourist attractions within SMG Development

Improve community businesses

Provide water taxi services starting from Pangkalan Batu Urban Park to Mangrove Point estimated around 15km


Looking at the rich historical value of the Klang River, providing connectivity via water for tourist destinations along the river which brought a huge impact to the earlier population in terms of economic activities and growth of the Klang Valley. The presence of water taxi will also help to attract the local and even international tourists to embrace the natural beauty of the Klang River and historic Klang Town.

The introduction of new tourist attractions such as Pangkalan Batu Urban Park and Mangrove Point in addition to the existing spots, will serve to complement the tourism industry in Klang which will attract local and international tourists.

Action Plan

On 20th June 2019, during Mesra Aidilfitri festivities with MPKlang 2019 council at Pangkalan Batu Urban Park, Sultan Sulaiman outskirts territory also has a forest reserve which also has the potential to be developed as an ecotourism area which the area will also be built by the jetty and to create water taxi services at Klang River. It was planned as ecotourism spot that will gradually attract more people to the area. This water taxi will be operated in the near future.


Selangor Maritime Gateway - River Taxi
Selangor Maritime Gateway - River Taxi
Selangor Maritime Gateway - River Taxi
Selangor Maritime Gateway - River TaxiSelangor Maritime Gateway - River Taxi
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